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Class Information

Stephanie's classes for this Summer Term begin on Monday 17 April and run up to Saturday 15 July 2023.


Purchase options: Please read carefully so you select the right option for your needs


Courses - Select this option if you want to attend the same class every week. No further booking required.


Plans - Select a plan if you are attending Live Online and want flexibility to attend different classes on different days.

Drop-in's - you can drop-in to any class by selecting the drop-in option either for In-Person or Live Online


All Live Online classes run via Zoom. These can be purchased individually or as a course or as part of a plan.


Once you have booked onto your chosen class you will receive an email confirmation with the Zoom link.

Also included is the recording of the class you booked onto, valid for 7 days so if you couldn't make it, you can practise later.


Monday 8am Yoga (Live Online Only) - 10 week course starting 17 April 2023

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Tuesday 8am Slings (Live Online Only) - 10 week course starting 18 April 2023

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Tuesday 5:30pm Slings (Live Online Only) - 10 week course starting 18 April 2023

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Wednesday 9:15am Yoga (In-Person Only) - 10 week course starting 19 April 2023

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Thursday 8:45am Pilates&Slings (Hybrid) - 10 week course starting 20 April 2023

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Saturday 8:30am Pilates&Slings (Hybrid) - 10 week course starting 22 April 2023

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Saturday 9:45am Yoga (Hybrid) - 10 week course starting 22 April 2023

Select In-Person or Online and Book now

Important information:

Please make sure you have the appropriate props when attending my Live Online classes. Below are useful links, however any type of brick or strap will do fine. With regards to the massage balls, I strongly recommend these specific ones as they have the appropriate softness. For more info please get in touch.


PropsClick on the props below for purchase details.

Soft massage balls, bricks, strap 



In-Person Class Locations

Wednesday in-person Yoga 9:15am

Summertown Church Hall, corner of Banbury & Portland Roads OX2 7EZ

Thursday in-person and live online Pilates 8:45am:

Summertown Church Hall, corner of Banbury & Portland Roads OX2 7EZ

Saturday in-person Pilates & Slings and Saturday Yoga

Oxford Playhouse, 11-12 Beaumont Street, OX1 2LW



Live Online drop in's £13.50 or Face to Face drop-in's £16

Alternatively purchase a plan of 10, 20, 30 online classes or purchase a course of in-person or live online classes.


You will be prompted to pay directly via the website when you book a class.

Dropping into Face to Face classes - please contact Stephanie directly as spaces are limited. Live Online - you don't need to contact Stephanie before attending. Drop in when it suits you by booking the desired class.

Terms and Conditions

  • Class schedule is subject to change. Please check schedule.

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