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Movement for Living Well Retreat

3 - 9 November 2024

Below you can read about how we will be spending this week together, look at accommodation options, free time activities, travel and also pricing.

Join me for a week of nourishing movement and relaxation in Portugal at the Monte Velho Retreat Centre. Enjoy the stunning south-western coast, a region enriched by the strength of its natural beauty where high cliffs offer breathtaking views of the ocean.


Arrival day Sunday 3 November 2024 from 4pm. Dinner followed by light stretch session to ease out the kinks from travel.

 Departure day Saturday 9 November 2024 after breakfast.



We will practice Movement for Living Well which combines Dynamic Hatha Yoga Asana and Slings Myofascial Training® exercises daily in the fabulous circular pavilion with heated cork floors, providing ample space and light - my dream space!. About Stephanie


The days will begin with an early morning practice where I will be sharing my personal morning routine with you and guiding you through it. This will include a series of breathing techniques that also tone the abdomen and stimulate the digestive tract. It’s a fantastic way to start every day!


A nourishing breakfast follows and then some personal time for reading, walking, having a massage a sauna or simply being in the beautiful surroundings.

We will then come together for a 75 - 90 minute dynamic Movement for Living Well class before lunch.


Read about Slings

‘Slings’ refers to the myofascial meridians that span the body from head to toes, and from the hands to the trunk. They are in-series continuities of muscle and fascia that connect the body and transmit forces efficiently through the body. These 'slings’ form part of our body wide fascial system and therefore a Slings class is a fascia focused class that aims to optimise the functionality of these myofacial meridians as well as our fascial system as a whole. We can tend to 'muscle' our way through life which over time can lead compression resulting in pain.

The practice of Slings with its fascia focus, optimises an easeful upright posture, body wide limberness as well as multidimensional strength, helping you to move how you want to move and how life demands you to move no matter what age.

An onlooker might think they are viewing a mix of a Yoga and Pilates class as many movements are similar, however the intention behind these movements is what makes a Slings class unique.


A delicious vegetarian or vegan lunch follows this class and in the afternoon there is time for exploring the area. There are many beautiful unspoilt beaches along this coastline.

At the end of the afternoon we gather again for a 60 minute slower paced and restorative Yoga & Slings practice where the focus is on deeper stretches, massaging, hydrating and releasing the body of tension via slower movement and also props.


More freshly prepared food awaits us for our evening meal rounding off an entirely nourishing day on every level.


Surrounded by pine trees, stunning sunset views, open skies and starry nights, the retreat centre is designed to offer all the comfort and space you need to relax. The main house comprises a well decorated large common living room, a dinning room with capacity for 25 to 35 seats, an outdoor breakfast veranda with capacity for 32 seats as well as a sauna, steam bath and therapy room.
The rooms are cosy, with simple design and decoration, providing all that is needed to let go.

There are 13 rooms that can be used as single (limited), double or twin and some can be used as 3-4 bed if desired. For those wanting more secluded privacy there are 2 further separate accommodations for double or shared use. Tree Suite & Forrest House.

Here are examples:

Resort Rooms:
Tree Suite:

This suite is independent of the main building and ideal for a couple.

Forest House

This unit (pictured above) is in the property but independent from the main building. With 2 double rooms, 1 bathroom, 1 living room with kitchenette, a small porch and ocean view.

Free Time Activities

On the nearby beaches, Amado and Bordeira (approx. 5-10min drive) you can enjoy a long walk, take a dip or surf - surf lessons including board & wetsuit can be booked on the beach.


Along the cliffs or inland trails you can go hiking and mountain biking.


Other options include horse-riding, dolphin watching, e-bike tour or treat yourself with sauna, steam bath or even book a massage treatment. Most of these activities can be purchased via the retreat centre.

Retreat Includes

  • 6-night stay at Monte Velho Retreat Centre

  • Three daily delicious vegetarian and vegan meals made freshly from sustainably sourced and locally grown produce. Dinner on arrival day and breakfast on departure day.

  • 3 daily practices (Monday - Friday). Mats and props provided. Feel free to bring your own mat.

Not Included

  • Travel to Portugal, transfer to and from Monte Velho, massage treatments or extra activities/excursions, bottled drinks.

  • Transfer from and to Faro Airport (approx. 90 minutes) can be arranged for you via the retreat centre, or you can rent a car from the airport.

How to get to Monte Velho

The nearest airport is Faro. From there you can hire a car and it's approximately a 90 minute drive to Monte Velho. Alternatively you can contact Monte Velho directly to arrange a private transfer. Stephanie will also create a WhatsApp group for all attending should you wish to join a group transfer. Check in at Monte Velho from 4pm on Sunday 3rd November 2024.

Prices (per person)

Retreat Rooms
Single £1515.00
Double £1275.00
Triple £1185.00
Quad £1155.00

Tree Suite

Single occupancy £1515.00

Double occupancy £1275

Forest House
Double/twin occupancy £1395.00
Triple occupancy (1 couple + 1 single) £1275 

Quad occupancy (2 couples) £1185.00


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