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What People Say

What People Say

"Stephanie Ross Russell's vocation is to teach movement for living well in your everyday life.  Whatever your size, shape or level of ability, you will feel the benefits of her classes!  Whether you are a Pilates or yoga instructor, personal trainer or an average person, like me, who spends too much time sitting, or hunched over a computer, you will benefit. 


She has an extensive background in dance, yoga, Pilates and, more recently, Slings Myofascial training.  Her Pilates classes combine classical Joseph Pilates sequences with elements of other movement techniques, and are never boring.  Her yoga sessions build over a 4-6 week half term’s practice into a more flowing sequence, targeting one particular pose or a specific area of the body.  She has a great understanding of anatomy, physiology and the mechanics of movement which she imparts with a very light touch. 


Her particular strength is the effort she puts into cueing postures with images and preparation, so that poses or sequences that look completely impossible at first, gradually – or even sometimes surprisingly quickly! – become accessible.  Even in a class of 15-20 your struggles and progress will be noticed, and she will individually support and correct you.  I’m thrilled with how much I have learned.  So, go on, and try a class!"  

 Katherine Carpenter

Consultant Clinical Neuropsychologist/Chair, BPS Division of Neuropsychology

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