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Class Offerings

Stephanie guiding a student with tactile cue to elbows


Monday Dynamic Hatha Yoga - Live Online Only



Are you an early morning Yogi? This Yoga class runs at 8am on Monday mornings offering a wonderful start to your day and your week!.

60 minutes of alignment, breath and flow.

Please have 2 bricks, a blanket and a strap handy for this class.


Tuesday Slings - Live Online Only

8:00am & 5:30pm


If you want to tune into your posture, iron out the kinks, practise standing on one leg, gain some spring and feel moved from the inside out, then this class is for you.

A Slings Myofascial Training® class focussing on postural ease, multidimensional mobility and strength, elasticity, improved balance and top to toe core strength. This 60 minute practice will improve your balance and bring a spring to your step!

Please have soft massage balls and a kneeling pad handy for this class.

Wednesday Dynamic Hatha Yoga - In-person

9:15am - not suitable for beginners


If you are missing the feeling of attending an in person class and gaining the direct feedback from Stephanie that only a face to face class can offer, then join this 60 minute practice. It takes place at Summertown Church Hall, OX2 7EZ. The hall is spacious with plenty of windows providing ideal conditions to run this class. Please bring your own mat, all other props are provided. 


Thursday Pilates & Slings - Hybrid (in-person and live online)



This in-person Mat Work class held at Summertown Church Hall, OX2 7EZ it will also be streamed live online for those who can't make it in-person. It combines traditional Joseph Pilates Mat exercises with Slings Myofascial Training® exercises such as the use of the massage balls for core strengthening and back massaging as well as standing exercises. This class tones, strengthens, massages and lengthens the whole body leaving you awake, energised and more limber.

Please bring your own mat. All other props provided.



Saturday Pilates & Slings - Hybrid (in-person and live online)



In this Slings Myofascial Training® class I partner up with my husband Tiago.

In this 60 minute class we practise traditional Joseph Pilates Mat Work exercises with Slings Myofascial Training® exercises. Combining Mat Work and standing work this dynamic class is a great start to your weekend leaving you upright and energised!

Please have soft massage balls and a kneeling pad handy for this class.

Saturday Dynamic Hatha Yoga - Hybrid (in-person and live online)


In this 75 minute class we have a little more time to delve deeper into the practice. Tiago will also be there as my excellent demonstrator!

Start your weekend well with this grounding Yoga class.

Please have 2 bricks, a blanket and a strap handy for this class.


Please note: Live Online Classes can be purchased as a course (you are enrolled onto all the classes and no further booking necessary) they are also part of a pricing plan or as Drop-in. A recording of the class for 7 days is included.

                     Face to Face classes are purchased as a course and not included in the pricing plans.

If you want to Drop-in to the Face to Face classes please get in touch with Stephanie directly, as spaces are limited.

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