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Stephanie in Reverse Warrior 2 Yoga pose


If you would like to keep up your practice in your own time, here you will find a selection of recordings of past classes.


                                                         Monday Restorative 

When life is too busy and stressful this is the practice for you.

This 60 minute practice guides you to land the shoulders, mobilise the neck and trunk and move breath along the spine with Apana, Samana and Prana Vayu. To assist a more parasympathetic response and help balance the autonomic nervous system we then do a practice of 'who' breathing. To follow some deep hip opening, back massaging and a sub-occipital release. This prepares the body to then transition into a guided centring meditation to help you deeply relax, and re-find your centre.

                                                                               Tuesday Slings

A Slings Myofascial Training® practice focussing on our body wide myofascial core. This practice starts with a warm up and waking up the feet, calves and lower legs. The hip flexors are also in focus using various strategies to hydrate, soften and lengthen them. Stephanie guides you through standing awareness and optimal alignment which then supports the more dynamic and elasticising portion of the class where standing on one leg and multidimensional dynamic stability are practiced. The class winds down with centring integration and a restful pelvic massage. This practice will improve your balance and bring a spring to your step!

                                                                              Dynamic Hatha Yoga

This practice focuses on aligning our energy centres (chakras) with special focus on creating space around Manipura (solar plexus).

The space we create here extends beyond the physical and into how we show up in our lives, with a strong, aligned and calm presence.

It gradually builds in intensity, fostering power and softness, the adaptability to change direction and rhythm and the ever present reminder of our body wide core supporting this space and quietly lifting us from the inside.

Included asana: Virabhadrasana I, Virabhadrasana II, Ardha Chandrasana, Janu Sirsasana.

                                                                          Thursday Pilates Mat Work 

This Mat Work practice combines traditional Joseph Pilates Mat exercises with some Slings Myofascial Training® exercises such as the use of the massage balls for core strengthening and back massaging and a side lying triceps push up for toning and strengthening our arms inside and out. Also included is a stretching and gliding exercise preparing for the Saw. This practice tones, strengthens, massages and lengthens the whole body leaving you awake, energised and more limber.

                                                                                Saturday Pilates & Slings

In this Slings Myofascial Training® class with some classic Pilates exercises thrown into the mix, I partner up with my husband Tiago!  The practice is designed to promote and sustain back health. The muscles and fascia of the back (and therefore the core!) are strengthened from the inside out. The fascia of the back is elasticised making it more resilient and there are glide enhancing exercises to foster adaptability and optimal force transmission through the back.

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