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When I am away teaching teachers, my dear friend and colleague Jo Boston steps in to cover my classes.

We have worked closely together for several years. 

Jo brings her unique style to the classes, while maintaining a careful attention to the theme and focus of the class and balances everything with a healthy dose of humour!

I feel very fortunate to have her support in my absence.

Jo Boston

Jo Boston

While studying at London School of Contemporary Dance in the late 70's, I trained to teach Pilates with Alan Herdman and taught along side him in his Studio.


My life took a turn when I was offered work in France performing.

Ten years later I returned to the UK, studied Yoga and began to teach, all the while continuing to use my previous Pilates knowledge in my classes.


I met Stephanie in 2013; continued training with her and have been teaching in her studio and working closely with her ever since.


Her knowledge and passion for movement inspires me and she has become a very close friend and mentor.

Jo with Stephanie
Stephanie piggy backing Jo
Jo and Stephanie in friendly embrace
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