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Stephanie's husband Tiago in an active shift

Slings Myofascial Training 

A whole body, intelligent fascia-focused training that is unique in its composition. 

All movement is myofascial, however these classes specifically train the properties of fascia, improving a

broad spectrum of fascial qualities, in a very detailed, often challenging and mindful way. 

Utilising a diverse repertoire of elastic, dynamic, strengthening, oscillating exercises together with melting

stretches, stimulation and self massage techniques, this training provides adaptability and resilience to our

fascia which ultimately promotes body-wide core dynamic stability and body-wide structural balance.


These classes are suitable to those who are serious about training consciously to improve postural balance

and sports performance.

Stephanie is an internationally recognised Slings Myofascial Training® Senior Educator and Practitioner.  Slings was

developed by Karin Gurtner, art of motion®.

Classes take place on the mat – please bring your own. Props will be provided.


A word about Slings…..


Slings are myofascial continuities or meridians that span the body from head to toes. Postural compensation, tension, strain, fixation and resilience are all distributed via these meridians. These Slings live within our body wide fascial webbing which contributes to our physiological health, body shape, our postural and movement patterns, perception and attitude. Our fascial architecture adapts according to our physical requirements both during rest and in motion. It’s pretty important tissue and we want to ensure we are providing it with the right stimulation so it adapts in a way that serves us best!

The Slings movement concept has been specifically developed to bring clear intention in movement training and optimising fascia’s adaptability to bring a new dimension to movement training.


Please see the term dates section in Class Information for all the classes.

Stephanie in curl up on soft massage balls

Slings Classes

  • Tuesday 8:00am and 5:30pm

  • Thursday 8:45am

  • Saturday 8:30am

Slings Myofascial Training® concept by art of motion®.

This unique training offers movement sequences inspired by Pilates & Yoga that train muscles and fascia harmoniously to empower you with a strong, adaptable and resilient body whilst also becoming more knowledgeable about your body.

You will improve your posture, release tension in your body, increase flexibility and promote tissue hydration as well as body and movement awareness.

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