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Classical Pilates Mat Work, Stephanie Ross-Russell, Teaser

Classical Pilates Mat Work

A detailed and alignment focused class that uses the principles of Pilates combined with the Slings movement concept to optimize structural balance and movement efficiency. These classes take place on the mat using the Pilates original mat-work exercises of which there are 34. Although Stephanie uses these exercises as a guideline, and the ability to execute them as an ultimate goal, she focuses on the journey to achieving that goal.

In her opinion it is in the journey that you really make the “bodymind” connection and integrate the various parts of the human system.

This process is unique in each individual and Stephanie uses a varied approach both verbally and with props to guide the student.

Classical Pilates Mat Work, Stephanie Ross-Russell, Leg-Pull Front

Classical Pilates Mat Work (with a sprinkling of myofascial training!): Please have a pair of soft massage balls for these classes. See class information poge.


  • Thursdays 8:45am​

  • Saturdays 8:30am

A detailed and challenging Pilates practice following Joseph Pilates original 34 Mat Work exercises but also allowing time for sensing and balancing the body with myofascial training to optimise the fascia's elasticity, tensile strength and adaptability.

These classes are suitable for those who a new to the practice and with an experienced practice of Pilates.

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