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Top Tips For Your Online Movement Practice

Updated: Feb 6, 2022

Yoga mat rolled out with props

There is no doubt that some positives have come from working and being more at home. What started out as a ‘restriction’ turned out for many to be a gateway to learning how to make the most of our time at home, benefitting from the many resources we can find at our finger tips and establishing new and sustainable health oriented routines.

With so many of us now practicing regularly with Live Online Classes, I thought I would share my experience from nearly 2 years of Online Teaching and offer some helpful top tips to help you get the most out of your Live Online Class and truly make your practice an integral part of your life.

Here are my Top 5 Tips for Online practice.

  1. GATHERING - Set a calendar reminder for the session with the necessary link to access the meeting easily and on time.

  2. SPACE - To have a physical practice is to foster space in your body and your life. Start by creating a space you want to practice in. Finding space can be easier said than done, however regardless of how much physical space you actually have it makes all the difference if the space invites you in. Organise your practice space and attend to the lighting. Clear away any loose ends, coffee mugs and clutter that occupies visual space. Sattva and Saucha (harmony and cleanliness).

  3. SCREEN - Where possible use a lap top or desk top rather than a small screen like a phone or iPad. The devil is in the detail and so the larger the screen the better, so that you can view the positions with more clarity.

  4. POSITION - This one is really important - set the screen up on a table that is high enough like a desk or dining table. The higher the better! And don’t stop there; even add more height by putting a pile of large books on top of the table to set your computer onto. If your screen is too low you will be continually looking down and straining to see. This also alters the very important balance of your head on top of your spine. Your eyes inform your spine, so if you are always looking down you are sending a constant message to your spine to flex and curve. Looking at the screen should be similar to looking at the horizon so you can stand tall! Also remember to set up your mat in the same orientation as mine and position yourself as you see me. I cue the movement and mirror the movement from your perspective to make it easier for you to follow.

  5. QUIET - Don’t allow any potential distractions into your practice space like phones, alerts etc…unless really necessary. Let’s be honest, most demands can wait one hour. If you allow these distractions into your practice then you are only half there and only enabling half the gain.

BE present. This is YOUR nourishing movement time. Soak it up fully.


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